Governor’s Volunteer Awards

Wednesday September 9, 2015

        As a small nonprofit organization, our staff are the only reason that we survive. A Circle of Ten, Network for Collaboration was founded by Kathy Holdway currently residing in Edom, Texas.

            As the announcement of the Governor’s Volunteer Awards were announced last week, I wanted to give a shout out to the lady Mrs. K and our C10 crew.

            In December 2009, A Circle of Ten, Inc. (C10) received the Governor’s Community Collaborator Award.  The award recognized C10 for “..creating and strengthening partnerships within their communities. Community Collaborators understand the importance of relationships, and develop connections between groups and individuals to help those craft collaborative solutions to local needs.”   C10 was selected out of a pool of over 50 nominees.

The Governor’s Volunteer Awards honor Texans who devote their time and talents to their communities.  This tradition allows Governors to recognize some of the individuals, organizations, corporations and public entities that embody the Texas tradition of community service. 

A Circle of Ten’s selection was based on regional work through their Rebuild America- Rural Community Building Initiative.  These efforts bring leadership, education, workforce and energy efficient affordable housing/building opportunities, while impacting economic development, tourism, and the environment/emissions.                            

 “It truly was an honor to be selected for this award,” stated Kathy Holdway, President of A Circle of Ten.  “C10 believes in collaborations!  Working together empowers leaders and increases partnering agencies’ capacity to provide services and improve quality of life for Rural Texans. ”   

If you want to see who the latest winner are go here:          

Congratulations to the new recipients!