YES! bring innovative projects to life, divide the work and multiply the mutual success of each partner.  Who should you collaborate with? Partners that compliment but not duplicate services to your clients.

For example, a community center wants to offer literacy classes but no one at the center is qualified.  However, just down the road is a literacy agency with training available.  If these two partner, there are benefits for both agencies.   The Community Center staff/volunteers receive training to use at the center and possibly elsewhere.  The literacy agency gets to provide their services and count the statistics of not only the number trained, but also how many clients those trained served, how many hours of service, etc.  A third partner may bring yoga, a fourth after school programming, and so on.

If you think of collaboration as a pie, each new partner does not take away from the pie but rather adds more filling to the pie, allowing for each partner to continue to benefit.

CAUTION: Only partner with those you trust.  Run background checks, ask questions, get references if necessary.  Be sure to have signed Agreements or Contracts in place to protect all parties involved.

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