Process of Collaboration Part 1 Seminar

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Process of Collaboration 3 Day Seminar Is Coming Up On November 06-08 from 8:30am-5pm In Edom, TX At The Dragonhead Retreat:
A Circle of Ten, Inc. believes people in the field doing the work, the dreamers and the doers, are best suited to build their programs and write their own grants. These training classes and workshops allow them to pursue and achieve their dreams. Small Classes narrow the scope of training for greater effectiveness. Grant teams multiply the success of each agency. Each class is kept to 10 -15 individuals to narrow the scope of training for greater effectiveness. Seminars are taught in a Three Step Process to allow C10 staff and volunteers to meet individual and agency needs:
Step 1. Pre-Seminar Interviews and Research to assess your needs and find funds.
Step 2. Three-Day Seminar to teach the process of community, program and grant development.
Step 3. Post Seminar Consultation to give a real boost in confidence to new grant writers as we walk you through your first grant. Participants receive two full hours of free individual feedback to use after the seminar.
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