Kathy Holdway

Bachelors in Education; 40 years experience in nonprofits; 35 Years experience in community development/team building including:  C10 Founder, conceived/copyrighted Process of Collaboration 3-Day workshop; 15 Years experience training/empowering leaders; 10 Years experience in Grant Review on national, state and local Foster Parent, 9 Years; Started/Director for Battered Women’s Shelter; Director of Grants-YMCA of Greater St. Louis.

Details: BS, Education, University of Texas, (1981). President and founder of A Circle of Ten, Inc, with 35 years experience in building collaborative partnerships and programs between diverse nonprofit agencies, schools, universities and towns. Presenter at national, state and local conferences on collaboration, grant writing, volunteerism and family violence. BoardSource Certified, since 2003. Grant reviewer for AmeriCorps, U. S. Department of Juvenile Justice and Texas Department of Health. Facilitated regional, cross agency collaborations and regional initiatives since 1998 “connecting people with resources” through services, training and support to build individual and agency capacity; and through inclusion in regional Initiatives. See Attachments.

Publications: Holdway, K.S., (Copyright Fall 1996) The Process of Collaboration — A Hands-on &Common Sense Approach to Grant Writing; East Texas Crisis Center (Copyright 1986) Volunteerism: A Systematic Process for Gaining, Training & Retaining Volunteers.

Presentations: United Way of Tyler/Smith County Workshop Series (1996-1998); Region VII Education Service Center Workshop Series (1997-1998); Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs Capacity Building Workshop Series for Affordable Housing & Housing Support Professionals (1998-1999); Federal Home Loan Bank with Sponsorship from Various Banks-Series of Workshops (2001 & 2003) under Community Reinvestment Act; Enterprise Foundation sponsored workshop series with subcontract from US-HUD; (2001-2005). Whitehouse Faith-Based & Community Initiative Conference, 2008.