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Part I – The Process of Collaboration ©:
Edom Retrea
t Center, 801 CR 4929, Edom TX 75754

2017 Dates
Oct 24-26 in Edom, TX

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Each class is kept to 10-20 Leaders to narrow the scope of training for greater effectiveness.  You work on a Grant Team to multiply the success of each agency.   Services are offered in a Three Step Process©  to allow C10 staff and volunteers to meet Your individual and YOUR agency needs.

Step 1.  Pre-Seminar Interviews and Research to assess your needs and find funding.
Step 2. Three-Day Seminar to teach the process of community, program and grant development.
Step 3. Post Seminar Consultation to give a real boost in confidence to new grant writers as we walk them through the first grant.  Participants receive two full hours of free individual feedback to use after the Seminar.

Part II – The Next Step Seminar©  (Part I is a prerequisite for Part II)
2017 Dates:  TBA

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Part II picks up right where Part I leaves off.  EXCEPT we (you) determine ahead of time what REAL grant ideas to work on.  Do you have an idea or suggestions for a grant proposal to incorporate into the Part II Workshop?  We need four “REAL” ideas.   Your idea for a grant proposal can be the focus of several bright minds for three days in a row.


1/2- DAY WORKSHOPS                  Request More Information on 1/2 day Classes
 Grant Writing as a Process©   Next seminar: Sept 2, 8:30 am, Tyler, TX

 Participants gain a better understanding of healthy collaborations, grass-roots community organizing, innovative programming and grant development.

Fee: $69*   discounts for multiple registrations available

*fee will be transferable to Process of Collaboration within 6 months of Grant Writing as A Process Participation

Internet Grant Research ©   Next seminar: Sept 2, 8:30 am, Tyler, TX

This is the cyber approach to answering the question, “Where’s the money?” as well as how to find the information you need to prepare grant-winning problem statements and more.

Fee:  $69  *discounts for multiple registrations available. 

Board Basics – A Well Rounded Perspective
Board governance training for a healthy, productive and sustainable nonprofit agency using BoardSource materials.  Topics Include: Mission/Purpose, Financial Oversight, Legal & Ethical Integrity, Recruitment and Orientation, etc.

Fee:  $69  *discounts for multiple registrations available.