Gateway to Libraries (GTL) Project
Funded in part by TX State Library & Archives Commission

TSLAC’s funding to C10 for GAO Project represents the first time TSLAC grant was awarded to a nonprofit agency.  TSLAC just announced second year funding for the Project.

Summary: “Gateway to Libraries (GTL) provided much needed “English as a Second Language” programs and services, at five rural East Texas libraries, to meet the literacy needs of 200 limited and/or non-English speaking Hispanic adults and their families in rural communities.

Library Partners include: Bullard Community Library, Singletary Memorial Library in Rusk, Gilbreath Memorial Library in Winnsboro, Mineola Memorial Library and Quitman Public Library

Summer Family Literacy Sessions services were offered, 2 hrs per week, this summer to Hispanic Families. Adult literacy services continue through the year. C10 and GAO’s training and support services continue.

Anecdotal Feedback Comments reflect the success of the GAO and C10 services, plus effectiveness of the Literacy Programs. Final reporting will follow reports to TSLAC:

I loved the curriculum; I found it uncomplicated and friendly for my students to learn.  I also like that every student had their own set of books to write in and keep.  I loved all of it !”     Instructor /Mineola Library Classes

My students were wonderful-very enthusiastic. Books/materials were very good…The students were really excited about their attendance certificates.”
Instructor/Gilbreath Library Classes

“I truly enjoyed both the adult ESL classes and the Latino Summer Family Literacy Sessions. The part that I liked the best was that I was truly able to utilize my teaching skills. Both the adults and the children came eager to learn.”
Instructor/Bullard Library Classes                                  

“Sharing with classmates; Making a family album; I learned to read books starting with the cover. I would like to learn about literature and English.”
Parent in Summer Family Literacy Session

“How important it is to read to children.  How to read a book.”
Parent in Summer Family Literacy Session

“I especially liked the Summer Family Literacy Program.  The idea of having families participate together seems to fit the Latino population…..It was also nice that the children had something concrete and personalized to take home with them at the end of the project.” Joanne Buendtner/Bullard Library Director

“The 3-day process of collaboration helped me develop better organizational skills.
I learned how to prioritize my goals and clarify my mission in order to better determine which grants to pursue.”   Delene Allen/Quitman Library Director


“Yes, I honed my grant writing skills and learned not only from the instructors, but from my fellow attendees.  I also made lasting contacts with other grant seekers and potential partners.”  Joanne Buendtner/Bullard Library Director


Referrals? C10 & Gateway to American Opportunities seek new collaborative partners.

Contact:  Peggy Lustig, 903-589-6900, for more information.


Notice of Nondisclosure & Confidentiality:  This information is provided by A Circle of Ten, Inc. & GAO and is shared with Partners with the intent to build collaborations between C10/GAO Partners. A Memorandum of Agreement & board vote are required prior to inclusion in collaborative planning and grants. Other use of material is prohibited.