Learning to read and gaining the English language make a huge difference in an adults life!  Figuring out how to pay for these services is a challenge, but collaborations are making it easier!  Gateway to American Opportunities and twelve libraries and nonprofit agencies’ partners services are made possible, in part, by support from:

  • Literacy@Work awarded a ProLiteracy National Book Fund Grant Literacy@Work and regional literacy partners are pleased to announce it has received a $2,913.25 award from ProLiteracy’s National Book Fund. The National Book Fund provides adult education and literacy programs throughout the United States with grant awards to help purchase high-quality educational materials and resources needed to support their literacy initiatives.
  • Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Institute for Museum and Library Services (Year 2 Funding) Gateway to Libraries” (GtL) provides needed adult literacy programs and services at five rural East Texas libraries to meet the educational and literacy needs of 250 adults living in rural Cherokee and Wood Counties: Increase adults literacy skills by the extension of the current ESL classes and implementation of GED prep classes; Continue to introduce adult students & families to the wonderful services and programs at the libraries in the collaborative network.
  • ProLiteracy
    ProLiteracy National Book Fund/2012 awarded books  in the amount of $2,941.60 to Literacy@Work and A Circle of Ten, Inc’s (C10) regional partners. The award includes GED Preparation books and English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum.   The books will be presented to adult students and tutors/instructors at C10 partnering literacy sites in Cherokee, Rusk, Smith and Wood Counties. The National Book Fund (NBF) provides adult basic education and literacy programs throughout the United States with New Readers Press books and other educational resources needed to support their literacy initiatives.  The NBF funds organizations providing services in the following areas: basic literacy, adult basic education, English as a second language (ESL), and family literacy.  To date ProLiteracy has provided almost 1,500 grant awards totaling over $2.6 million worth of materials to organizations in 50 states and the District of Columbia.  For additional info regarding the ProLiteracy organization and the National Book Fund go to http://proliteracy.org/.
    Dollar General Foundation
  • Sustains reading program for non-English speaking people in rural East Texas areas. GAO literacy initiative will continue to increase ESOL, GED, Citizenship and financial literacy skills opportunities in the Cherokee, Rusk, and Wood Counties communities.
  • Verizon Reads “Check into Literacy”
    Providing regional Adult ESL classes, Citizenship Studies and GED prep classes to adults lacking basic literacy, communication skills and life skills in Jacksonville & Bullard  Rusk (Cherokee County),  Henderson (Rusk County),  Mineola, Quitman and Winnsboro (Wood & Franklin County) and surrounding rural communities. Services include: Regional tutor trainings including: ProLiteracy “Laubach Way to English”, financial literacy tutor training (Money Smart tutor training & first time homebuyers information sessions).  Outcome:  Improve the literacy and educational skills of the adult students enabling them to achieve self-sufficiency and full participation in the community.

GAO Site Partners*

GAO Referral Partners

*New Partners Welcome: Contact our office if interested
in providing literacy services at your nonprofit or business.

**GAO Services Available

  • -ESL-English as a Second Language
  • -GED, General Equivalency Diploma
  • -Summer Family Literacy 
  • -Life Skills
  •   –1st Time Homebuyer, TDHCA
  • -“So You Want to Buy a Home?”
  • -Financial Literacy
  • Citizenship Studies

**Host sites determine services and schedule.  See host or GAO web site
for details,  schedules &/or enrollment.

Texas State Library and Archives Commission