Our network consists of over 1,000 staff and volunteers from non-profit agencies, churches, schools, hospitals, colleges, businesses and towns.

                                     Collaboration Resource Center

Our services “connect people with resources” through training, support and inclusion in regional, multiagency collaborative initiatives.  Our initiatives include:

Rebuild America  – Community Building Initiative (CBI)
A catalyst in economic development
Integrating & Deploying Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy Technologies into Education, Workforce and Construction. “Targeted Community” Opportunities bring leadership opportunities and a “holistic approach: impacting economic development, tourism, the environment, workforce & affordable, efficient housing while addressing priorites set by people who “live, work & play” in a community.
Contact:  Kathy Holdway, circleof10@circleof10.org

Rural Arts Initiative Network  (RAIN) Increasing Arts, Leadership, and Educational Opportunities to rural Texas counties to enhance the quality of life, encourage creativity, and improve educational performance.

Gateway to American Opportunities  Increasing English & Literacy skills opportunities for adults utilizing a regional network of staff & volunteers from existing educational, businesses, faith & community based agencies. 
Contact: Peggy Lustig   literacywork2004@yahoo.com

Virtual Village  Providing  a “human, education, and technology network” between faith/community based agencies, schools and colleges. Offering new collaborative networking tools and opportunities

Health & Human ServicesCapacity Building Collaborative Building local, regional & statewide collaborations while increasing the leaders & agencies’ capacity to sustain and fund health & human services.

East Texas Just Transportation Alliance  Increasing transportation choices, improving coordination, expanding transit resources to achieve self-sufficiency.  currently inactive

Small Business/Nonprofit Incubator: Providing management and business training, incubation and support to entrepreneurs in business and nonprofit corporation.

Email: circleof10@circleof10.org 
Phone:  903-541-0013 or 903-253-8341