C10 Alumni are Leaders that have completed the 3-day Process of Collaboration Training.

Membership Benefits:

C10’s Circle of Success offers Members key resources, privileges, discounts and other support to enable you to maximize the value of your membership.

Memberships are available to Alumni with two Options: 

   Individual Members enjoy:

  • Grant Writing Mentors
  • Access to C10 Research
  • Networking Opportunities
  • 20% Discount on C10 Seminars, Board Training, Strategic Planning, Consultation
  • Access to Alumni Contacts

Agency Members enjoy:

  • All Individual benefits available to all staff/Board members
  • First notification & invitation in Collaborative grants
  • Pre-submission grant reviews (2 per year)
  • Discounted rates on rental of C10’s Education & Event Center 

We look forward to your Membership in the Circle of Success for lasting achievements.

With Sincerity,
Kathy Holdway, President/Founder


Membership of the Corporation is open to C10 Alumni (graduate of 3-Day Process of Collaboration Workshop) through Agency OR Individual Membership.  Annual membership dues are set by Board of Directors.

Voting Rights: Members of the Corporation of any class(es) entitled to vote shall have one vote for each matter submitted to a vote of the Members.  Membership status must be current for Member to Vote at the Annual Meeting and/or for Members to make Nomination to the Board or Advisory Board.

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