C10 Education & Event Center Presents Music Circle Mondays
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Performing Arts Guidelines (click here for form)

Mondays: 6~9 pm Pick n’ Circle

*Early Sign-In Suggested ~ Slots limited to 10 ~ $2 Cover Charge

C10 Policies require Performer Application  indicating receipt of Policies, Waiver, Photo Release, etc.   Parent/Guardian signature required for Minors.
Performing Arts Guidelines
Release of Liability

Space available for lease…Tours available with appointment.

Contact  A Circle of Ten, Inc. for more info:
Call: 903.541.0013 
Fax: 888.214.5210  
Email: circleof10@circleof10.org   
Online: virtual-village.org 
Facebook: Facebook.com/acircleof10

C10 Education & Event Center Community Meeting Results
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