Internet Grant Research: Led by Experts

This is the cyber approach to answering the question, “Where’s the money?” as well as how to find the information you need to prepare grant-winning problem statements and more.

Planning a Fundraising Event

This workshop will help you plan an event from beginning to end.  You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts to having a successful event.

Private Consultations for Executive Directors
Consultant:  Kathy Holdway

Do you need support?  Do you need help but don’t know where to turn?  Private one-on-one sessions with a skilled trained person might be the answer. All sessions are confidential. Contract required upon approval of application.

Board Organization & Training

Are your Board of Directors or Advisory Board members not attending meetings or special events?  With the help of a neutral party, the board members will become aware of their responsibilities and need to support the organization. Contract required upon approval of application.

How 2 Organize: The Essentials (H20)

H2O will provide even the most disorganized person with basics of “getting it together and knowing where you put it.”

Working with the Media

Local Media Representatives teach Community Leaders “How to Get the Word Out” in print, radio, television or Internet.

Funders’ Forum & Networking Gathering

The Forum brings representatives from 40+ private, state and federal sources face-to-face with reps from agencies needing grants. Funders serve on panels, provide one-on-one consultations, and offer information at exhibit tables with the intent to BRING MORE MONEY TO RURAL TEXAS. Networking between attendees often results in new collaborations, where services are multiplied and the quality of life improves in rural communities.


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