Why We Do it

Sustainable Development

A Circle of Ten, Inc.-Network for Collaboration (C10), a nonprofit agency, has trained and supported leaders to multiply partnerships impacting economic development, since 1996. The Small Business Incubator is compatible with C10’s Mission and Vision and a natural next step for serving rural East Texas.

How We Do It

Targeted Service

A Circle of Ten, in partnership with the Texas Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit from Texas A&M University, is providing a “Small Business & Nonprofit Incubator” to serve 10 to 15 small and emerging business enterprises in Jacksonville.

Like most poultry raisers in east Texas know, when a small chick finishes hatching, the work just begins for some one else to care and nourish the chick until it is grown and able to stand on it’s own.

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Learn More

Please call 903-541-0013  or email thecenter@circleof10.org for leasing information…

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Building Retrofits
C10 has invested $103,000 of retrofits into the building including:

  • 2010 – Energy efficient membrane roof
  • 2010 – Energy efficient 2nd floor windows (20 total)
  • 2010 – Energy efficient HVAC systems on both floors, ready to convert to Geothermal heating/cooling.
  • 2010 – New electrical breaker system installed on 2nd floor
  • 2011 – New elevator motor installed
  • 2016 – 1st floor doors reversed allowing for higher occupancy
  • 2018 – Approximately ½ of fluorescent light fixtures upgraded to LED non-ballast lighting.