C10 measures the success of our unique and innovative way of training leaders and building capacity by asking, “What happens when nonprofit leaders get back home?”  Sponsors and funders,  measured success of our capacity-building efforts by asking “Were our funds leveraged?” Samples of “Return On Investment” include:

      ROI:  $83 for each $1 invested bringing $2,025,000 in grants, in one year.  The UW’s campaign raised $2,005,000.  

  • 2008-2011- US Dept of Health & Human Services $764,780 grant brought $304,780 for C10’s 3-day services, board, strategic planning and technology training/support and $460,000 in subgrants.
     2008-2011- TX State Energy Conservation and TX Workforce Commission funding of $643,721 for seven new and required energy efficiency training topics to 946 people in 45 EE/RE technology certification program workshopsThese followed four rounds of EE/RE trainings funded by US Dept of Energy.
    2007-2011 Verizon, Dollar General & Texas State Library and Archives adult literacy grants totaling $235,00 support adult education services at rural libraries, factories, churches and schools.Facilities: 1) C10’s 12,761 sq foot Small Business/Nonprofit Incubator in Jacksonville houses C10 core staff; Incubates up to 10 start-up nonprofit and small business agencies and provides a range of services.2) C10’s Retreat Center provides additional office & training space, outside Edom, TX (E of Tyler, W of Dallas)

Northeast Texas Consortium (NETNet Consortium) and SUPERNet Consortium signed Memorandum of Agreements with A Circle of Ten, Inc.-Network for Collaboration in 2002, 2003 respectively to form Virtual Village (V V) a “human, education, and technology network” between faith/community based agencies, schools and colleges.  NETNet & SUPERNEt Leaders serve on Board & Advisory Boards.

In 2002: V V placed 17 technology labs and 2 distance learning centers in rural East Texas with $1,000,000 Telecommunication Infrastructure Fund Board Community Networking grants to four Independent School Districts. V V’s network and support of C10 trained “Program & Grant Writing” Teams from faith/community-based agencies, schools and colleges brought about new collaboratives,  networking tools and opportunities to thousands of community leaders from East Texas and beyond.   Additional funding from Fourth Partner Foundation and Banks broadened the Virtual Village efforts.

In 2003: –V V leveraged TIF funds to bring $1,000,000 in USD Agriculture-Rural Utilities Services grant to fund technology labs at 3 rural small business incubators.
V V’s Executive Committee voted to vest V V interests, operation and future development with C10, a nonprofit agency, … to enhance… successful sustainability, growth and flourishing of V V and partner organizations.

2003-Present:  C10 integrates “V V’ technology component” into collaborative grants for art, adult education, energy efficiency and health/human services grants, including: US Dept of Energy, TX Workforce Commission, TX State Library Archives Council, US Dept of Health & Human Services, TX Council for Developmental Disabilities, private foundations, etc.
2009-Present: C10 starts/operates 12,761sf Small Business/Nonprofit Incubator supporting up to fifteen small and emerging businesses and nonprofit agencies. V V’s technology is key to meeting SBI Goal: Provide management and business training, incubation and support to entrepreneurs in business and nonprofit corporations.”

2012-Present: NETNet, SUPERNet Consortia and C10 determine next “regional collaborative effort” .

C10’s starts Technology Center in SBI to meet needs of area agencies/businesses lacking these resources.

An Invitation to Virtual Village:   C10 invites individuals, businesses, nonprofits to guide and be active in the Virtual Village’s “human, education, and technology network” to bridge the digital divide between faith/community based agencies, schools and colleges.

A Memorandum of Agreement, approved by a board vote, is required by C10/ V V policies, prior to inclusion in collaborative grants to benefit your agency.  A sample MOA is available.

Key Leader(s) on Program/Grant Teams: The MOA requires that at least one agency representative attend C10’s 3-Day Seminar.   The Representative who attend become your “Program & Grant Team”. They also represent your agency(s) in C10’s collaborative grants, if you are interested.

For Involvement in V V: Individuals and entities interested in being active in the Program & Grant Development Teams and benefiting in upcoming collaborative grants are invited to contact us at 903-541-0013 or circleof10@circleof10.org

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