Growing The Legacy In Rememberance

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Several families/friends honor & remember loved ones through a Memorial Scholarship Fund monthly or annual pledge.  C10 notifies the family of your gift and each scholarship recipient is made aware of the loved one remembered.

Michael L. Holdway
Fund conceived in 2006 by family and friends have made it possible for 61 leaders from small nonprofits to attend C10 trainings.

Michael Timmons Fund, started in 2011, with a $1,000 gift honoring his memory and the years he volunteered for C10.

Genie Rumbelow Fund, started in 2010, honoring her board service to C10 and love of the arts.

Helen Crowell Fund, started the month she died in 2012, after eight years of faithful assistance at C10 Seminars.  Click here to see Dare to Dream buttons designed by Helen.

Judith Pritchett Fund, started in 2015, honoring her co-founding A Circle of Ten’s (C10) Regional Arts Initiative Network in 2003 and her love of the arts.

__ Let us know if you are interested in setting up a Scholarship Fund to honor and remember a loved ones you’ve lost.    Click here for more information